Planescape: Torment Leveling Guide – How To Misuse Crystals To Gain The Most Benefit From Each Level

Crystal Heart is a super attack in Hollow Knight. It causes the enemies to plummet to the ground upon being jumped. Hold SUPER DASH to charge the move faster and fly faster through the air, release the button when at full strength to explode upwards and fly past the enemy. The explosion damages and stuns enemies for long enough for you to kill them.

This attack makes use of four powerful relics. These include the Ice Soul, the Emerald Heart, the Rainbow Soul, and the Star Soul. The different things they do is explained below.

The Ice Soul causes the enemies to slow down and become stationary, making it easier to strike them. You can also use this at close range to cause more damage or to cause more knockback. Once the enemy stands still and becomes inactive, you can then use the rest of your weapons on them, dealing massive damage.

The Emerald Heart causes the enemy to drop small pieces of broken glass. When used at close range, this will cause the enemy to become vulnerable and easy to strike. If you hit them with any weapon other than the Crystal Heart, however, they will still be severely damaged. This move is useful if you want to drain the life from an enemy. When using it at the range, however, it’s probably better to use the other weapons to prevent it from breaking.

The Rainbow Soul causes the enemies to burst into rainbow dust. This is the strongest attack in the game, as well as the one with the highest damage. Use it at close range and it will send the enemy into a tailspin. As they recover, they will be in even more trouble, as you can cause them to stagger back. Once they are down, the rest of your party can finish them off with the pipe cleaner.

The Sun Staff increases your defense and has a chance to cause status ailments. While this may sound like a good way to gain superpowers, using it too much will cause a dependency. Using the staff too little will leave your crystals vulnerable to the likes of the Sun Staff.

The Sun Staff has two different effects; one that surrounds you and the other that attacks you. These effects work in conjunction with the regular use of the pipe cleaner, dealing with huge amounts of damage. You can cause more damage when your crystal heart-shaped heart is at full health, so using the staff in between uses will allow you to deal out even more damage.

The Sun Orbs is using to make your crystal heart more effective. Borax is the common element for the Orbs, but you can also use additional elements. You can make your Orbs stronger by using Borax and by making sure that the Borax is mixed with enough water to fully cover the crystals. The Sun-Brite and Sun-Witch are the most commonly used combination Borax and water, while the Sun-Witch combination is popular for use with the Sun-Brite.

The Moon Unit is a powerful item that you will need to keep on hand. It works best in conjunction with the Sun-Brite or Sun-Witch combination in order to create powerful crystals that are perfect for the hearts. It is also possible to have both elements on the same item, but this requires you to use more than one type of elemental; the Sun-orb combination is ideal for this.

The hearts that are created using the Superhearts are very unique and amazing; they grant unbelievable powers to your hearts. Once you learn how to use these heart crystals, you can use them for any reason you like to. They are not restricted only for the purposes of healing hearts but can be combined with many different elements to create different types of emotions as well.

You can mix the hearts with other items in your room to make more than one kind of emotion. If you wish to have a romantic mood, combine the Heart crystals with rose petals, vanilla, and white liqueur. You can even mix the hearts with red wine, honey, and berries to create a very special sort of emotion. If you wish to have a happy and carefree mood, combine the Heart Crystals with red apples, blueberries, and lemon drops to create a warm and wonderful feeling. Whatever you want your Crystal Heart to do, it can do if you combine the right materials along with it.

Crystal Heart provides everything you need for a full plot-point campaign spanning 8 adventures involving the antagonists throughout the series. You will battle through eight challenging episodes, each containing their own set of challenging enemies and bosses that will challenge you to your limits as you fight to overcome their attack. When you are done conquering each level, you will be awarded a special gem that helps you create new crystals for future usage. With every gem that you create, you will be equipping your character with even more powerful weapons and powers that will make you one of the most formidable fighters in all of Planescape: Torment.